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Who is Fred Friar?

Salesman, pilot, carpenter, farmer, scout master, world traveler, fisherman, cook, woodworker, author, grandpa (twice), painter, coal miner, marksman, electrician plus many more to numerous to mention.

I was born in Huntington, spent most of my early days in Beckley, West Virginia where my love of wood working started. I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School, started college at West Virginia Tech then transferred to Concord College. Joined the US Army in 1962. During my Army days I met my wife Linda. Started my business career in Columbus, Ohio working for an oil company. My son is an electrical engineer, my daughter is a nurse at Cabell Hospital in Huntington.

I am an educated rocking chair maker, I attended: West Virginia Tech, Concord College, Ohio State University, and Marshall University, I earned a BS and MBA.

Fred taking a break
I made the first rocking chair for my daughter who wanted a rocker before my first grandson arrived. A business neighbor saw it and wanted me to make one for his wife. I made another as a gift for the fellow who cuts all my wood. After that it was one after another.

I work from my shop at our farm in the western foothills of West Virginia. All the wood I use is cut locally and air dried. My work is all organically grown and no artificial fertilizers or plant stimulates are ever used. The secret to good wood work is plenty of fresh air, sunshine and my secret blend of wood, glue, screws, sand paper, oil and much loving care. If you would like to grow your own rocker and you have a green thumb, try my rocker seeds.

My rockers are the most comfortable you have ever tried. WARNING!!! never try one out unless you plan to sit a spell.

My work can be shipped almost anywhere. Sometimes I will deliver or meet you half way. When shipping I build a plywood crate. For overseas shipment I use FedEx.


Rocker Seeds
(grow your own rocker using our select seeds)
Instructions (follow exactly for best results)

  1. Plant seeds in good soil and in a warm place. Keep soil moist, and be sure to plant seeds right side up! If you do not, your rocker will grow upside down!
  2. Be patient. It takes a very long time to grow a good rocker. You need sunshine, fresh air and loving care.
  3. Fertilize regulary with a high quality paste wax. Do not over water!
  4. When your rocker is fully grown, dig it up and snip off the tap root. Sand off any bark. Finish using oils and varnish. Rub into the wood. Wax twice a year. If you do not, the rocker will get up some night and leave home.
  5. If you do not have a green thumb or you cannot wait to grow your own rocker, contact me, and I'll grow a rocker for you.

Grow Your Own


Fred Sez...

Kudzu Care and Feeding Instructions

You don't have to be from Georgia to know and love the vine Kudzu. Fred sez... recommended fertilizer is used motor oil and you mulch with 12" cinder blocks!

Fred Friar
Handcrafted Chairs
P.O. Box 1
Lavalette, W.V. 25535
Telephone: 304-523-1124

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