The Ambassador

The Ambassador

Named because a US ambassador actually owns one. This rocker came to be at the request of my daughter when grandson #1 was on his way, "Daddy, I want a rocking chair". I always admired the woven hickory bark seats. I wanted something special for Molly and a rocker with enough room for a mother and child plus a pillow and who knows what else. The Ambassador can be made from several woods; usually walnut or cherry is requested. The back supports are laminated from several layers of wood as are the rockers. The seat can be hickory bark (which I harvest each spring) or leather. Genuine hand-rubbed oil is the finish; typically it takes 3-5 applications. The time to make one rocker is usually about 40 hours.

Leather Seat – Contact Me for Pricing.

Hickory Seat - Contact Me for Pricing.

Please e-mail, call or write for cost of shipping and ordering instructions.

The Ambassador

The Ambassador

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